(Open) Fellon Cronin | 12 | FC: Asa Butterfield | District 5 | District Partner: Mertal Goldridge

Fellon’s calm appearance held a very antagonistic personality: an arrogant, immature, self-absorbed boy who loves to listen to the tune of his own voice. Instead of realizing his own flaws and blemishes he blames other around him expecting them to be as “great” and “intelligent” as him. He sees himself as someone “superior” to everyone else although he is only a young kid. His arrogance can also hinder him as he is short-tempered and uncooperative when it comes to alliances. Back in district 5 no one ever listened or wanted to be around him, so when the reaping came he volunteered before the name was even said. He smiled with confidence as he strode up to the platform to take his place as the male tribute, unknowing what danger his life would soon be in. He wanted to be remembered as the youngest tribute to ever win and everyone would cheer his name and know his face. He would be properly treated as the greatest tribute to ever live, a young boy can only dream, couldn’t he?

Weapon: Duel-wield hand knives | Skills/ Talents: Winnings arguments, smart mouth, speed | Sexuality: Straight