(Open) Beatrix Cattrik | 16 | FC: Ed Westwick | District 3 | District Partner: Callista Faye

Beatrix lived the most normal life any teen his age could possibly ever have. He had a great, supportive family, was popular with friends, socialized with everyone; he had no problems in his life making it a walk in the park. He’s smart in the field of technology such as rewiring (hotwiring), rebooting, hacking; his life was perfect until the reaping came and tore him away from all this. Everything he could possibly ever love ripped apart and put out of reach for him. Coming to the Capitol he was disgusted by everything no matter how nice; the door knobs, the high-level technology, the food. Always used to having the perfect life and getting things to go his way made him into a rebel in the Capitol, never satisfied with anything they did and or provided, wanting to ruin they’re systems just like how they did for him. He wanted to give the Capitol a horrific run for the extravagant entertainment he was going to provide them. He didn’t want to just be another pawn in a game, he wanted to be a privilege provided to them like a little kid getting a toy. He was going to make the Games last longer than any of them had every been making allies or bonds with everyone and even going as far as to create multiple personalities.

Weapon: Long sword | Skills/Talents: Acting, careful hands, good with technology (overall everything needed to be known) | Sexuality: Straight